Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's New Year's Eve! I remember last year at this time so clearly! So much has happened in 2011! I almost hate to see it go, but know in my heart that 2012 will be amazing!
God has given us many struggles and is helping us overcome them all in His time! He has also answered SO many of our prayers and taught us valuable lessons!

My husband and I have strengthened our relationship in many ways and have to decided to make US a priority going forward! This isn't always easy when raising 5 children who are all involved in activities, our multiple counseling appointments and doctor appointments each week and remodeling our home. We have always been a great team we are continuing to grow stronger as we support each other in personal growth areas!

We now have a 14 yr old, twin 13 yr olds, an 11 yr old and the little guy is 1 1/2. Through almost constant work and effort, we actually have days that they all get along and we are even starting to see them support each other! They are all so unique and smart. When we are open to seeing them as individuals, we learn so much from each of them! Through all the struggles they continue to get good grades and the oldest three are actively pursuing new interests and hobby's. I am so proud of all they continue to accomplish!

I have made big strides with starting my business and will continue to give it my all! I have been given the ability to help other women through an array of products to encourage their self-worth! Who could ask for more?! Towards the end of the year I have also started writing again (it's been a long time) and I have not lost my passion for it! I will be carving out additional time to do more in the coming months! I also have become an ambassador in my area for a child abuse organization! Much of my focus for January will be my writing and my new role in helping local children in their fight for life!

I am excited to find what 2012 holds for us! I am also excited that you all will be along for the ride!  Happy New Year! I wish you all abundant blessings!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just call me a Slave Driver

Well the kids informed me today that I am just a regular old slave driver! That's me I guess! I've been called worse by far and I think some day they will appreciate what I do...I hope so anyway.

I make my kids do chores! I have taught the oldest four to do laundry, dishes, clean up the messes they make, vacuum the carpet and clean their rooms and the bathroom. They also know how to help me shovel and rake. My youngest is working on cleaning up his toys and books and helping to throw away trash.

What they consider the worst part is that we don't give them money for doing these things. We give them spending money as they need it. We buy them treats throughout the month or take them all out for dinner. We give them rewards for bigger projects and jobs, but I don't feel that paying them to help around the house is sending the correct message.

With a family of seven, there are a lot of chores for someone to do on a daily basis. But, being that there ARE seven of us, none of the kids has more than 15 or 20 minutes of chores in one day. I know there are different views on allowance for chores, etc. I'm not saying my way is the only way. I'm just sharing what I feel is the best way for ME!

So, slave driver or not, I am fine with them getting upset with me. I think that when they're older and have their own homes and families they will have a good foundation to build upon. I know adults who have no idea how to care for themselves. They were never taught and never took time to learn. I have seen marriages destruct due to these types of issues. I want all the kids to be set up to succeed in every area possible!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I can't believe Christmas is all wrapped up! (Pun Every year the holidays seem to fly by faster than the year before! But I am so excited for 2012!

As I have been cleaning up and organizing the last couple days, I have been contemplating my resolutions for the next year. My heart and mind are so full this time of year. I want to do EVERYTHING! I don't always plan the way I should, I just start doing!

This year I'm going to do some things differently...
I don't like the word resolution because they are all too often forgotten by January 10th or so. This year, I am choosing to make goals instead of resolutions. Not only for me, but for our family, my marriage, our home and my business. I want to take actionable steps to improve every area of my life! This realization has me very excited knowing that I can do this step by step to see results!

My first and main goal for the coming year is to plan and schedule my tasks to make sure all my yearly goals are checked off next year at this time. I have started to become quite a planner in the last few months with my business, but I would also like to take it to the next level in my personal life too!
With a family of 7, we all constantly have things we would like to accomplish, being better prepared and more proactive will increase the things we get done! It sometimes seems that my husband and I cut ourselves short trying to keep the kids happily involved. If my plan is effective, this should not be as much of an issue because I hope to make this a family change so that everyone feels involved and informed. When everyone feels involved they are much quicker to accept changes.

The next VERY important thing I will do in 2012, is improve the quality and increase the quantity of time I spend in my relationship with God! I have very strong beliefs and enjoy my relationship with Him, but as much as I ask in prayer, I don't always say thank you for His blessings on a daily basis! Life can be so hectic and busy that I'm not always aware of the many prayers he answers every day! I want to share my beliefs with others more frequently! I want to fulfill my promises to God!

Lastly, I'm going to "simplify" my life. I am going to cut out time wasters on my schedule and increase time I spend with my family and by myself. I'm going to focus on building my business and my newly established relationship with an anti-child abuse organization. (More on that news in a future update!)

I'm looking forward to 2012 being a year of self growth which will enable me to be a better wife, (step) mother, business owner, woman & friend! Let the goals begin! I hope you'll be with me on my journey in the coming year to see how it all goes!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Year?!

I can't believe another year is coming to a close! It seems they go faster and faster with each one!
I guess the saying is true! Time flies when you're having fun! I feel truly blessed!

My Christmas gift this year was a new laptop for my business and my writing. I absolutely adore it, and there is nothing more I really wanted. My husband recently said, I feel like I should get you something else in addition to the laptop. This prompted an inventory of my wants almost like a kid in a candy store. My first thought was a new know, one of the high-end fancy named ones. And that quickly faded, I realized that I don't really need anything. This thought led to the following inventory of my life this past year...

We have had our typical ups and downs of a large family. But we had many highlights to our year and are growing much closer as a family unit! We make it a point to eat dinner together every night (at least during the week and typically on Sundays). The girls are taking an interest in helping me with making meals and baking, which makes it all much more fulfilling. Everyone takes turns setting the table and cleaning up. One of the twins and I just started our own recipe book comprised of our favorite dishes and some new ones we want to try! I love that everyone is helping more and becoming more involved in a family tradition in our home!

Santa is officially back in our lives for the first time in a while and it's been a fun addition. My youngest is so sweet when he says Ho Ho Ho! When he sat on Santa's lap he wasn't all that impressed with Jolly Guy, but it was so sweet just the same because he grabbed his white glove and held his hand the whole time he sat on his lap!
The older kids have a new excitement surrounding the holiday, for the last few years it was all about them and what they wanted. But they seem to be seeing how much more Christmas means!
The baby is almost old enough that he and his older brother will be sharing a room in 2012. I am as excited as they are! They love playing together and I'm looking forward to them being together more!

2011 has been one of our tougher years as a family, but we have found our own small victories and as we look back through it all, we have had a very successful year!
My life is nowhere near perfect, BUT I LOVE IT! I wouldn't change a single thing! I pray and hope 2012 is just as wonderful!

Happy Holidays to all of you! I wish you many blessings and happiness in the New Year! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Be Visible, Be YOU

As a parent I sometimes feel invisible. I know in my heart that the kids don't realize this but happens to most of us.

I think it's normal in a large family to have so much going on and so many schedules to keep that there is often no time for mom or dad, let alone mom and dad! I have started scheduling my me time in my planner. Because if I am not fulfilled I start to burn out quickly!

My husband and I decided this week to plan one evening a week that the kids go to bed early so we can spend some time together. No phones, laptops, work, etc. We have made a lot of progress this week, and I'm so refreshed by that feeling!

It is VERY ok to put yourself ahead of everything else here and there. Find a new hobby, spend time writing in a journal or scrapbooking. Become a photography nut and find your own masterpieces. Whatever you choose as your outlet, do something you love and enjoy, so that when you go back to being busy, you will feel relaxed and ready to work towards that next "me time" moment!

In everyday life, we can't forget to nurture ourselves and all of our relationships. If we do this, we are letting ourselves down! Be the mom, wife, daughter, friend, sister, aunt, etc. that make you, you! 

Don't EVER forget to be YOU!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas Blessings

As we've decorated for Christmas this year, my little guy's eyes have been so bright as he discovers so many new things around him! He LOVES the tree and the four older kids helped him hang some ornaments. They have a renewed interest in all things Santa and things they were "too cool" for once they learned the identity of Santa and Mrs. Clause.

Since we decorated he constantly pulls the ornaments back off, but he still looks at the twinkling lights and all the beauty of this season with a genuine innocence and complete awe. When we went to visit Santa at the mall, he looked up at the huge tree and gasped, all he repeatedly said was "WOW!" 

I know I've made this type of statement previously, but I truly think seeing through his eyes reminds our whole family that Christmas means so much more than what we find under the tree Christmas morning!

My true Christmas gifts typically aren't found under the tree! 
My gift this year will last a lifetime as I remember seeing Christmas through my children's eyes!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angels among us...

Have you ever met someone and come to realize that through the reason they are in your life that there is a much bigger reason. They touch your heart and soul and open your eyes to something much bigger!?

I am a true believer that Angels walk among us! If we open our hearts to realizing, accepting and seeing their grace!

Through the journey we are taking with my step-son to survive and conquer the abuse he has endured in his young life, I was introduced to a therapist (for him specifically) that I've learned also helped others in my family in a different way a few years back.

She was placed with us through CYS to help the kids come to terms with what is going on in our lives. She mainly meets with them privately, but in knowing some of HER story, I realize that I benefit from her presence and words of wisdom in many different ways. She is brutally honest with all of us, and I find it so refreshing!

Through getting to know this wonderful woman, I have learned so much from her and consider her an Angel from God sent into my life to keep me on the path he's chosen for me! Be open to God's grace! His power and gifts are truly unlimited!

Monday, December 19, 2011

You matter

YOU matter! Yes, you!

I was told this twice in a matter of an hour this morning!
You are amazing, strong, courageous, loving, smart and creative!

I don't know about you, but this is something that I don't always choose to remember about myself. I matter, and if I don't make myself matter I can't be on top of my game as wife, mom, step-mom, business woman, and many many other things.
We need to constantly remind ourselves, not waiting to hear it from others. We matter and we are important! We as normal people put so much ahead of ourselves as a way of life. And while you and I are not alone in this, we must remember to take time to celebrate ourselves!

Remember that YOU MATTER! You make a difference to all you come in contact with every day! You are unique and original, YOU are the only you and that is extraordinary! Be proud to be YOU!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Save a Child's Life

As my family fights the effects of Child Abuse EVERY day of our lives, I see the damage it does not only to the abused but everyone around them! Help stop this horrible epidemic!

According to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Children’s Bureau. (2010),  Over 3 million reports of child abuse are made every year in the United States; however, those reports can include multiple children.

A report of child abuse is made at least every 15 seconds.

Abused children who survive their abuser are 30% more likely than non-abused children to grow up and abuse their own children.

According to the Dept. of Justice, 14% of all men in prison in the USA were abused as children.

Don't let these Statistics get any worse! Get involved, speak up! Make a difference! Save a life!

I broke the cycle of my abuser and am praying I can help my own family and children do the same!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A chord is struck

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

As I have become a bigger advocate against child abuse, a chord was struck when I found and tweeted this quote.
What matters to me is that child abuse MUST end NOW! I have been silent since my childhood until I was personally faced with my step-son being abused. I will not be silent this time! I refuse to keep my mouth shut! No child deserves to be treated with anything but love and respect.
When I read King's words for the third or fourth time in a row, I felt that same feeling in my soul urging me to speak up! Please join me in any way you can!
Please take a moment and read the words again! Based on statistics, you probably know someone who needs help, whether a child or an adult. Don't be silent, your words matter! And in speaking up, you could be saving a life! Don't wait for someone else to notice, DON'T BE SILENT!
Speak from your Heart!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Through a Child's Eyes

No matter how many children you have, one or ten, seeing a world of firsts through a child’s eyes is one of my favorite gifts a child gives us. You have to be open to recognizing and seeing it too!

Seeing their eyes light up when they recognize their favorite pet, or seeing their first snow! The smiles and belly laughs are small miracles in themselves! The feelings and beauty it brings to life is one of those feelings we can’t forget or live without!  The first bite of chocolate ice cream or grass on bare feet! God has given us SO many blessings that we take for-granted.

I think sometimes in our BUSY lives we miss out on these moments because we’ve seen them a million times. But thinking as a child here and there can ground us in a reality of the world around us. We are blessed with beauty and amazement EVERY day! Be open and willing to see your own world through the eyes of a child.

Be open to and thankful for all you have and all there is in your life that brings you laughter and love!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Great Mil-Wife Opportunity

I am an Independent Thirty-One Consultant...I LOVE what I do!
My "job" is encouraging, rewarding, celebrating and empowering all the women I meet! I mean really, I can't even call it work! It is one of the most amazing and rewarding things I have ever done!
If you're looking for unlimited income opportunity with the ability to meet new friends and help others find happiness, JOIN ME!
You can check out my website here: My heart over-flows when I'm able to help others, contact me and I'll show you what I can do for you!
This amazing opportunity allows me to stay home with five children, be a child-abuse advocate, and blogger!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unexpectedly Tim...

For those who know me well, know that I LOVE football season! I follow both NCAA and NFL pretty closely...I am NOT a fan of any Florida football teams.
Hence, I have never been a fan of Tim Tebow. Nothing personal, just his team...I admit it
So in the last few months as I see him playing in the NFL and have caught a few of his press conferences, I am gaining quite a bit of respect for Tim.
He is open about his faith in God and I love that about him! I also love his stance on God and sports. I try to tell my children this all the time! God doesn't care who wins or loses! And this point has to be remembered in many things besides the football field. There are many things we need to hand over to God, but our sports record and the final score isn't one of them! Concentrate on performance and goals! God will answer those prayers!!

Hooah! I am an Army Wife

The biggest emotion I feel as an Army wife is PRIDE! I'm so proud of my husband for his service and in turn, our family's service too!

It's not always easy to love a soldier. Sometimes I feel like there's a third person in our marriage.
My husband is at 18 years of service so obviously we are making this a life decision...I miss him terribly when he has to be away from us for years at a time, but I know in my heart, that freedom isn't free!

This year my family is blessed and lucky to have my hubby (and their Daddy) home with us for the Holidays! Holiday Deployments are the HARDEST times.

HOOAH!! Yep, it's an Army thing!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Help Stop Child Abuse

Do you know what to do if you suspect a child is being mistreated? Do you realize that you can remain anonymous when you make a legitimate claim? Do you realize that if you speak up you could potentially be saving a child's life?

Call 1-800-4 A Child (1-800-422-4453) The Childhelp National Child Abuse hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all calls are anonymous.

Don't wait for someone else to make the call or notice, make the call TODAY!

PKD Fundraiser and Support

I am honored to announce that I am doing a Fundraiser for a High School friend, Chrissy and her sister Justine. Please read their story below, and consider a donation via purchase.
Here is Chrissy and Justine’s inspiring story of strength, love and faith!

The Story:
My n
ame is Chrissy Kihm and I have polycystic kidney disease (PKD). I inherited the disease from my biological mother. PKD is a genetic disease that causes cysts to form on your kidneys. There is currently no cure and no treatment for this disease. It affects 12.5 million people worldwide.

In July 2010 at the age of 31 I had to have my right kidney removed because it grew too large and was pushing on my diaphragm. When they removed the kidney, it was 9”. A healthy kidney is the size of a clenched fist. We hoped that my left kidney would last for another 20 years. I recovered well and went back to work six weeks later; only to be back in the hospital a week after returning to work. We were in shock when the doctors told us that my right kidney had grown so large that it pushed my stomach from the left half to the right half of my body and that was why I was unable to eat. We searched for other options until October when we made the decision to remove my last remaining kidney because I was dying of malnutrition. My last kidney came out on October 15 and I started Hemodialysis on October 16, 2010.

I am currently on Peritoneal Dialysis, which is a dialysis I can do at home when I sleep. I do a “mid-day exchange” between 4:00-5:00, which is simply draining the fluid/toxins and refilling with dialysis solution. Then at bedtime, I hook up to my machine again and dialyze for 10 hours through the night. I have been unable to work since last September. I have good days and bad days and have been very unreliable in how I am feeling. I’ve also had quite a few unique events such as abscesses, a pneumothorax, extremely high blood pressure and now very low blood pressure, gastroparesis, Pericarditis, etc. throughout the last year that has made it impossible to work. Our Faith is strong and we just go with the flow and work through the hurdles as they come.

My Hero:
My youngest sister, Justine Stere, is 23 years old. She has bravely and selflessly stepped forward to be my kidney donor and is a match. This is the greatest gift anyone can give. She will be giving me my life back and giving my husband his wife back. I am looking forward to being able to drink milk again and eat all the fruits and veggies that I love and have not been able to eat since starting dialysis. I can’t wait to go back to work and be a contributing member of society again. I’ll be able to attend my Sunday morning Mass again (I don’t usually feel well in the mornings). I won’t have to be tethered to a machine all night. I will be able to make plans and actually follow through with them; I will be able travel more freely. I’ll be able to get this catheter out of my belly, feel better and have energy again. She is saving my life and is my hero.

Unfortunately, she just found out that being a kidney donor is not covered under her disability benefits. She is a waitress and has a very physical job, which means that she will be out of work for six weeks – all unpaid. This breaks my heart and I have to do something for her. Being disabled, my income is very limited as well. 

The Fundraiser:
I will be selling Thirty-One Totes to all those interested between Saturday, December 10, 2011 through Sunday, January 22, 2012.  For every Thermal Tote sold, I will donate $6 to Chrissy and Justine.
Please show your support and make a donation to Justine! She is a courageous young woman who is giving her sister life!


Michelle Duggar miscarried her 20th child.

My heart goes out to Michelle and her family! Miscarriage is a devastating event! I mean no disrespect for their loss!

I am hoping after the 19th baby was born with so many issues and premature, not to mention the health issues Michelle had during the pregnancy and miscarriage, that they will stop where they are and enjoy the beautiful family they already have!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Do you have a toddler around 2 years old? YES? Well then I just bet you have temper tantrums on your mind! 
If you’re a first time mom, you are probably wondering what happened to that little angel from a few months ago…I did too!

Here are some things to remember your little one has a tantrum:
1.       You must remain completely calm and not feed into his/her energy
2.       Keep your distance (while remaining close enough for your child’s safety). Let their mood calm before approaching or comforting
3.       Walk away if you must (usually this is only done if you’re at home)
4.       Once he/she is calmer and there may still be tears, return to comfort him and wipe the tears (as only a mommy can do!)

Remember as your child is maturing he/she is only trying to assert themselves and their opinions in the only ways they know how! They are not turning into a monster and this behavior is actually quite normal! 

Greener with White Vinegar

Do you use white vinegar everyday? I do!

Here are five of my favorite ways to use it:
1. Clean counter tops and other kitchen surfaces
2. Remove fruit flies from your home (use a small bowl with vinegar with 1 drop of dish soap)
3. Remove smells from fabric (use 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar)
4. Put a small amount in dog's drinking water to discourage fleas
5. Apply undiluted to deodorant or "pit stains" before washing normally to remove the stains and residue

Using Vinegar doesn't harm the environment OR your children and household pets! It's a win/win!
Give it a try!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Children ARE our Future!

I was physically abused as a young child. I viewed my father as a monster! I was scared of him! My earliest memories are those of fear and hiding from the man responsible for my being.

I remember hearing him come home at night and pretending to be asleep so that he would hopefully just move on. I remember not being able to sit back comfortably due to beatings I received. I remember the night we escaped, Christmas Eve, hiding in my Grandma’s bedroom wishing I could become a part of the floor beneath me so he couldn’t get me.

I’ve been through counseling and have learned to talk about the past with comfort. Am I over it? I say I am, but I don’t have a true answer. It still haunts me, makes me mad and has most recently made me need to do something!

I have heard stories over the years of things he did to my family that I don’t even remember! I have physical reminders of the abuse in my misshapen pointer fingers.  He used the finger bending in public so that he wouldn’t be noticed. But I know people noticed! But he was never punished for what he did to my mom, sister and I. Nor was he punished for moving on the punishments to my step-siblings.

I was lucky, I survived. My grandparents helped us and let us move in with them to escape our daily HELL! If not for that night in December I have no idea where I would be or what I would’ve done with my life.
Ten years ago I received a call from my cancer ridden father asking for my forgiveness before he died. I granted him the peace of forgiveness, but I will never forget what he did to us!  When he passed away, for my own peace I went to his memorial with my older sister. He was actually being celebrated as a man of God with a whole new family. I didn’t stay long enough to even view him. I knew my place was not there.
So my questions are as follows!? Why is abuse still so common in our society? Why was my step-son hurt by his mother? Why is he medicated and going through intense in home therapy due to the depression and PTSD he now has? What needs to be done? How can we let this go on for so many? What can I do? What can you do?

SPEAK UP! Put a STOP to it! REPORT what you know! Don’t let this continue!

18 months of LOVE

My son, my baby, the youngest....well I could go on for quite a while with that, but I'll stop.
He is 18 months old today! I truly can't believe that this day is here. He is such a gift to us as a family! The other four children range in age from 11 to 14.
The baby has truly brought us all closer as we learn from him and teach him! We have raised a people person, a comedian, a dancer, a singer, a lover of life!
I thank God every day for blessing us all in this way! He has taught US so much about what we miss out on when we aren't paying attention!
Mommy loves you!

Pearl Harbor Day

Today is also the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor day. 
I had the privilege growing up to hear many stories of that time from my Grandparents. How it effected them and what things were like for a young just-married couple and the war my Grandpa proudly served & survived! 
Please take a moment today to thank a current or past service member! They serve(d) so we have the freedoms we enjoy today! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tis the Season...

What causes people to be extra rude this time of year? Is it the extra crowds and time crunches? Is it because typically families are over-booked and over-tired from being so busy? Are we, as a society, losing sight of what the Holidays are truly about?
Plan shopping trips accordingly and you can avoid some of the crowds. Also, make sure your young children are well rested prior to heading to the mall or to get photos taken in general.
My husband and I took our youngest son to visit Santa this past weekend.  We traveled about 2 hours to my hometown so that my mom and sister could come along for the fun!
We got in line only to find out that we would be waiting approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. Also we found out we were to be the last visitors before Santa took a break for lunch.
As we waited, a sweet young lady “elf” stayed close by to make sure no one got in line after us. I felt so bad for the abuse she took from parents who were told to come back after the break. This is the season to be Merry and bright, right? I heard complaints and cursing and saw the eye rolling from so many! The young lady handled the negative attitudes and rude behavior so well that I knew she truly had the Christmas spirit. She then proceeded to blow bubbles and play with my one year old as he was getting quite bored waiting in line.
I told the photographer and the cashier what a wonderful Elf they had on their hands this year! I hope and pray that Santa is extra good to her this year! 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Small Town Life as I know It

Have you ever moved into a small small town where almost everyone has lived there their entire lives?

I did that two years ago.  I know many of my military readers will be able to relate! I call myself a "transplant".

So, two years later, I have one true friend and maybe 3 decent acquaintances. Sadly this fact is not due to my not trying to get to know people, even at times going out of my way! No, it's because I am truly not "one of them". It saddens me to realize this is truly how people are. I know it's their loss because I am a good person and consider myself a pretty decent friend! I have good things to offer those in my network of friends.

To add to the fun, my Husband actually grew up here.  So he fits in. Or does he? Since he married an outsider, lol! We go to our children's activities and with the exception of those few acquaintances, I am ignored. That doesn't mean the others don't come and talk to my husband, they just don't acknowledge my presence. Awkward? You better believe it! But at this point I am used to it and don't let it bother me in the moment. I stay by his side or with our children and go about our business. I enjoy my family and watching our children engage with their friends and in activities that they truly love! That's all that matters on these occasions!

So, I've decided to accept the fact that 97.99% of the time I am not accepted. I admit it does bother me, but I know that everything happens for a reason and I'm here for a reason! Shame on them for not realizing there is LIFE outside this town! Maybe they've stayed here because they wouldn't survive outside...Only God knows why! 

Do I keep going the way I am? Try harder? Or just go with our 2 year plan of when we're moving away and just chalk it up as a life experience? Time will tell!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

First of Many...

Today is the day!
In the last week, my head and heart have been so full of ideas and the love of my life, that I've decided to start a FRESH new blog!
For those of you who don't know about This Life as I LOVE it... I'm Heather, I am an Army wife, best friend, mother, step-mother, daughter, sister, giver, lover of life, dreamer, believer and friend!
I work from home (I have my own business) and take care of my family of 7 plus our Dog, Paco.
I truly believe nothing and no one can hold us back from our dreams and goals, except ourselves!
My heart and mind are bursting with information, tips and I am also starting to realize my "WHY"! I want to help children who are abused and work toward the end of child abuse!
Come along on my journey! Share in your life as YOU love it!