Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angels among us...

Have you ever met someone and come to realize that through the reason they are in your life that there is a much bigger reason. They touch your heart and soul and open your eyes to something much bigger!?

I am a true believer that Angels walk among us! If we open our hearts to realizing, accepting and seeing their grace!

Through the journey we are taking with my step-son to survive and conquer the abuse he has endured in his young life, I was introduced to a therapist (for him specifically) that I've learned also helped others in my family in a different way a few years back.

She was placed with us through CYS to help the kids come to terms with what is going on in our lives. She mainly meets with them privately, but in knowing some of HER story, I realize that I benefit from her presence and words of wisdom in many different ways. She is brutally honest with all of us, and I find it so refreshing!

Through getting to know this wonderful woman, I have learned so much from her and consider her an Angel from God sent into my life to keep me on the path he's chosen for me! Be open to God's grace! His power and gifts are truly unlimited!