Thursday, December 22, 2011

Be Visible, Be YOU

As a parent I sometimes feel invisible. I know in my heart that the kids don't realize this but happens to most of us.

I think it's normal in a large family to have so much going on and so many schedules to keep that there is often no time for mom or dad, let alone mom and dad! I have started scheduling my me time in my planner. Because if I am not fulfilled I start to burn out quickly!

My husband and I decided this week to plan one evening a week that the kids go to bed early so we can spend some time together. No phones, laptops, work, etc. We have made a lot of progress this week, and I'm so refreshed by that feeling!

It is VERY ok to put yourself ahead of everything else here and there. Find a new hobby, spend time writing in a journal or scrapbooking. Become a photography nut and find your own masterpieces. Whatever you choose as your outlet, do something you love and enjoy, so that when you go back to being busy, you will feel relaxed and ready to work towards that next "me time" moment!

In everyday life, we can't forget to nurture ourselves and all of our relationships. If we do this, we are letting ourselves down! Be the mom, wife, daughter, friend, sister, aunt, etc. that make you, you! 

Don't EVER forget to be YOU!