Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's New Year's Eve! I remember last year at this time so clearly! So much has happened in 2011! I almost hate to see it go, but know in my heart that 2012 will be amazing!
God has given us many struggles and is helping us overcome them all in His time! He has also answered SO many of our prayers and taught us valuable lessons!

My husband and I have strengthened our relationship in many ways and have to decided to make US a priority going forward! This isn't always easy when raising 5 children who are all involved in activities, our multiple counseling appointments and doctor appointments each week and remodeling our home. We have always been a great team we are continuing to grow stronger as we support each other in personal growth areas!

We now have a 14 yr old, twin 13 yr olds, an 11 yr old and the little guy is 1 1/2. Through almost constant work and effort, we actually have days that they all get along and we are even starting to see them support each other! They are all so unique and smart. When we are open to seeing them as individuals, we learn so much from each of them! Through all the struggles they continue to get good grades and the oldest three are actively pursuing new interests and hobby's. I am so proud of all they continue to accomplish!

I have made big strides with starting my business and will continue to give it my all! I have been given the ability to help other women through an array of products to encourage their self-worth! Who could ask for more?! Towards the end of the year I have also started writing again (it's been a long time) and I have not lost my passion for it! I will be carving out additional time to do more in the coming months! I also have become an ambassador in my area for a child abuse organization! Much of my focus for January will be my writing and my new role in helping local children in their fight for life!

I am excited to find what 2012 holds for us! I am also excited that you all will be along for the ride!  Happy New Year! I wish you all abundant blessings!