Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I can't believe Christmas is all wrapped up! (Pun Every year the holidays seem to fly by faster than the year before! But I am so excited for 2012!

As I have been cleaning up and organizing the last couple days, I have been contemplating my resolutions for the next year. My heart and mind are so full this time of year. I want to do EVERYTHING! I don't always plan the way I should, I just start doing!

This year I'm going to do some things differently...
I don't like the word resolution because they are all too often forgotten by January 10th or so. This year, I am choosing to make goals instead of resolutions. Not only for me, but for our family, my marriage, our home and my business. I want to take actionable steps to improve every area of my life! This realization has me very excited knowing that I can do this step by step to see results!

My first and main goal for the coming year is to plan and schedule my tasks to make sure all my yearly goals are checked off next year at this time. I have started to become quite a planner in the last few months with my business, but I would also like to take it to the next level in my personal life too!
With a family of 7, we all constantly have things we would like to accomplish, being better prepared and more proactive will increase the things we get done! It sometimes seems that my husband and I cut ourselves short trying to keep the kids happily involved. If my plan is effective, this should not be as much of an issue because I hope to make this a family change so that everyone feels involved and informed. When everyone feels involved they are much quicker to accept changes.

The next VERY important thing I will do in 2012, is improve the quality and increase the quantity of time I spend in my relationship with God! I have very strong beliefs and enjoy my relationship with Him, but as much as I ask in prayer, I don't always say thank you for His blessings on a daily basis! Life can be so hectic and busy that I'm not always aware of the many prayers he answers every day! I want to share my beliefs with others more frequently! I want to fulfill my promises to God!

Lastly, I'm going to "simplify" my life. I am going to cut out time wasters on my schedule and increase time I spend with my family and by myself. I'm going to focus on building my business and my newly established relationship with an anti-child abuse organization. (More on that news in a future update!)

I'm looking forward to 2012 being a year of self growth which will enable me to be a better wife, (step) mother, business owner, woman & friend! Let the goals begin! I hope you'll be with me on my journey in the coming year to see how it all goes!