Monday, December 5, 2011

Small Town Life as I know It

Have you ever moved into a small small town where almost everyone has lived there their entire lives?

I did that two years ago.  I know many of my military readers will be able to relate! I call myself a "transplant".

So, two years later, I have one true friend and maybe 3 decent acquaintances. Sadly this fact is not due to my not trying to get to know people, even at times going out of my way! No, it's because I am truly not "one of them". It saddens me to realize this is truly how people are. I know it's their loss because I am a good person and consider myself a pretty decent friend! I have good things to offer those in my network of friends.

To add to the fun, my Husband actually grew up here.  So he fits in. Or does he? Since he married an outsider, lol! We go to our children's activities and with the exception of those few acquaintances, I am ignored. That doesn't mean the others don't come and talk to my husband, they just don't acknowledge my presence. Awkward? You better believe it! But at this point I am used to it and don't let it bother me in the moment. I stay by his side or with our children and go about our business. I enjoy my family and watching our children engage with their friends and in activities that they truly love! That's all that matters on these occasions!

So, I've decided to accept the fact that 97.99% of the time I am not accepted. I admit it does bother me, but I know that everything happens for a reason and I'm here for a reason! Shame on them for not realizing there is LIFE outside this town! Maybe they've stayed here because they wouldn't survive outside...Only God knows why! 

Do I keep going the way I am? Try harder? Or just go with our 2 year plan of when we're moving away and just chalk it up as a life experience? Time will tell!