Thursday, December 8, 2011


Do you have a toddler around 2 years old? YES? Well then I just bet you have temper tantrums on your mind! 
If you’re a first time mom, you are probably wondering what happened to that little angel from a few months ago…I did too!

Here are some things to remember your little one has a tantrum:
1.       You must remain completely calm and not feed into his/her energy
2.       Keep your distance (while remaining close enough for your child’s safety). Let their mood calm before approaching or comforting
3.       Walk away if you must (usually this is only done if you’re at home)
4.       Once he/she is calmer and there may still be tears, return to comfort him and wipe the tears (as only a mommy can do!)

Remember as your child is maturing he/she is only trying to assert themselves and their opinions in the only ways they know how! They are not turning into a monster and this behavior is actually quite normal!