Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Through a Child's Eyes

No matter how many children you have, one or ten, seeing a world of firsts through a child’s eyes is one of my favorite gifts a child gives us. You have to be open to recognizing and seeing it too!

Seeing their eyes light up when they recognize their favorite pet, or seeing their first snow! The smiles and belly laughs are small miracles in themselves! The feelings and beauty it brings to life is one of those feelings we can’t forget or live without!  The first bite of chocolate ice cream or grass on bare feet! God has given us SO many blessings that we take for-granted.

I think sometimes in our BUSY lives we miss out on these moments because we’ve seen them a million times. But thinking as a child here and there can ground us in a reality of the world around us. We are blessed with beauty and amazement EVERY day! Be open and willing to see your own world through the eyes of a child.

Be open to and thankful for all you have and all there is in your life that brings you laughter and love!