Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tis the Season...

What causes people to be extra rude this time of year? Is it the extra crowds and time crunches? Is it because typically families are over-booked and over-tired from being so busy? Are we, as a society, losing sight of what the Holidays are truly about?
Plan shopping trips accordingly and you can avoid some of the crowds. Also, make sure your young children are well rested prior to heading to the mall or to get photos taken in general.
My husband and I took our youngest son to visit Santa this past weekend.  We traveled about 2 hours to my hometown so that my mom and sister could come along for the fun!
We got in line only to find out that we would be waiting approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. Also we found out we were to be the last visitors before Santa took a break for lunch.
As we waited, a sweet young lady “elf” stayed close by to make sure no one got in line after us. I felt so bad for the abuse she took from parents who were told to come back after the break. This is the season to be Merry and bright, right? I heard complaints and cursing and saw the eye rolling from so many! The young lady handled the negative attitudes and rude behavior so well that I knew she truly had the Christmas spirit. She then proceeded to blow bubbles and play with my one year old as he was getting quite bored waiting in line.
I told the photographer and the cashier what a wonderful Elf they had on their hands this year! I hope and pray that Santa is extra good to her this year!