Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Personalities to LOVE

The five children in our home can be viewed as very similar in looks, BUT they're personalities are all so different!

N - The oldest is one of my best buds. She will be 15 in a few months and is wise beyond her years! She is a giver, always thinking of others and making sure her siblings are taken care of. She's got a huge dose of common sense. She is not only smart but quite beautiful! She could truly be a model! She enjoys sports and is one of my reading buddies in our home! She gets good grades with very little effort and is very dependable. She is learning what being a true friend is, and going through all the typical teen stuff. Her transition to high school this year has been great. I love watching her interact with her baby brother, she has taught him to dance and truly engages his attention rather than watching him play.

S - the oldest (by a few minutes) of the 13 yr old twins. She could be described as a bit of a tomboy. It's very hard to get her opinion because she is known for her "I don't care" responses. She loves soccer and dislikes school! She is very quiet but just as witty. She can always make me laugh with her off-the-cuff comments! She is beautiful but doesn't even want to hear it! She is great with her baby brother because she sets limits for him and I quite often hear her giving him a time out as he OFTEN pushes the limits. If she never had to read again she would be perfectly happy! She is great at math though. A very sweet young lady with a very tough shell!
M - The younger of the twins. She is the "helper" of our bunch! She is the one who volunteers when no one else wants to bother. She is great in a group but can also content & entertain herself! She isn't as athletic as her siblings, but she has great tenacity and gives her all! She has a great artistic mind and is great at drawing & artwork. She is my other "reader" in the house, but she goes in spurts. She is the social butterfly and loves laughing! Which is a common sound in our home! She is a talker and loves to share her stories of the day as she helps me make dinner. Her grades are very good and she puts in the effort to keep them that way!

B - The oldest 11. My favorite things about him are his huge heart and his infectious laugh! He loves baseball and basketball. He's a hard worker when it comes to school and helping his dad around the house. He is always the first done with chores because he is anxious to go outside or play PS3. He is very thoughtful and always asks how I am and about my day, not to mention quick to give me hugs! He's the true meaning of a lover and a fighter! And he is the only one of the older kids to volunteer a prayer before dinner :-)
N - The baby of the family! He is my sunshine on cloudy days! He's been advanced with all his milestones so far. Having four older siblings to look up to, it's definitely not surprising. He has a special relationship with his sisters and brother. It truly warms my heart as they interact. He is such a happy little guys who loves to laugh and be the comedian to make everyone else laugh! And let me tell ya, the boy can dance! As he's getting older, I keep telling him his middle name should be naughty! But no matter what he pulls off, that smile melts all my frustrations! He already has a great arm (going to be left handed) and could be destined to be a QB or pitcher! I can't wait to see what he will choose.
As you can tell the five of them are all different in great ways! They each bring so many wonderful things and traits to our family! It's quite rare that there is a boring OR quiet moment. But when they do happen, I feel like something is missing. I recently joked with my husband that we are one boy and a housekeeper short of the Brady Bunch! They each have amazingly bright futures ahead of them! I'm so proud of each of them!

Blessings to you!