Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boy OH BOY!!

Yesterday we entered a new chapter in my baby's life!
I'm quite excited in a way, but at the same time it's another huge reminder of how fast he is growing. And I have no pause button as much as I'd love one! (Was just wishing for one a few days ago...)

If I only knew how the day would go when we were spending quiet time on the couch this morning watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the Disney Channel. Life will never be the same...but I can't help but be proud of him for being so quick to learn.

We have a play yard for the little one (and his friends) to play in when he cannot be supervised in the living room. I put him in the play yard a few times a day so that I can get some cleaning done or if I need to run outside for the mail or any other mundane tasks like going to the bathroom.

I was putting away the roaster this morning from New Year's day, the little one was in his play yard and not exactly happy about it. He quieted down after a minute as he usually does. I was getting some coffee and juice for him when I heard someone typing on the family laptop. (Keeping in mind that we were the only two in the house and he DOESN'T have a laptop in his play yard!) I immediately stopped what I was doing and ran through the dining room to the living room...
There he was! Sitting at the desk typing away on the laptop. CRAP! 
He looked up at me with a huge grin on his face, being so proud that he wasn't getting into trouble, etc. I was shocked! I looked around trying to figure out how he could have gotten out. I let it go from my mind because he has found ways out before, but was more luck than anything.

After nap time and a diaper change, we played for quite a while with his new cars and Mickey's that Santa brought him. I was getting hungry and knew he must be too, I put him in his play yard and ran to the bathroom. I ran back down the steps to grab him and head to the kitchen to make us both some lunch. As I stepped over the gate to the steps I nearly knocked him over and almost fell myself from the shock! There he was, out again, and grinning from ear to ear! Twice in a row...I knew I was in TROUBLE!

Double CRAP!!

We had our lunch and before reading time as we usually have, I put him in the play yard and crossed the room to sit on the couch. Within 10 seconds he had hoisted his naughty little bottom right over the top and was FREE! He didn't stand on anything just climbed right out with newly honed climbing and jumping skills.

As the kids came home from school (I was briefly watching my neighbors 4 out of 5 kids too) I sat them all down and said, look at our new "Trick". They all looked at me as if I was speaking a different language. He stood there and acted innocent for a moment, then he whipped his leg up and out he came. They were all as shocked as I was. He, however, walked away like nothing even happen. I guess we are all just easily amused in his eyes.

Needless to say, I will be taking the play yard down tomorrow. It is more of a danger than anything. Boy oh boy am I in for it now! So much for any peace of mind...but I sure do love my little guy! :-)