Thursday, January 19, 2012


Do you have an invisible member of your family? We do!!

Meet Katie...our other child...she's grounded!

With five children, things inevitably go awry from time to time. A glass is broken, a mess is left behind, clean laundry is re-washed, most recently a mirror was shattered...but alas, no did it! So, who is to blame? Well we have a sixth child in our home, named Katie!

She doesn't go to school or out to play, she just sits around our home waiting to take the blame for countless things that NO ONE did or will admit to! That's a hard job for one person, but she does it quite well!

Let me digress a moment, I have countless Katie's in my life (starting with my beautiful niece) that I love dearly! Our Katie got her name jokingly, and it just stuck. So if you are or know a Katie, please take no offense to her name!
(Most of them anyway!)

As the days go by, I have come to realize our Katie is nothing but trouble and I've even tried to kick her out a few times (I'm serious)! She still hangs out like the plague! I strongly dislike her!

My two biggest rules with the children are honesty and respect for everyone including themselves! Having Katie here allows them to break these rules, which is why I feel so strongly that she's GOT TO GO!

So my quest is to kick her out for good! Please, as mean as it sounds, if she knocks on your door, the kids will want her to stay a while, DO NOT let her in!

Needless to say, in all seriousness as Paul and I became a family, blending together, I was introduced to this "idea" and thought it funny at first. Seemed innocent enough, BUT, now that all five are comfortable, I wish I wouldn't have found the humor in the story, because dishonesty is one of my biggest pet peeves and is one of the biggest forms of disrespect to others ( in my humble opinion of course).
So there's my story, however I'm not sticking to it! I'm hoping that soon I will be able to update that Katie has officially "left the building"!

Hit the road Katie!! 

Lock your doors!
Heather :-)