Monday, January 23, 2012


I took a break from writing for a few days. I have so many things flowing through my head I needed to focus on tapping into the ideas and thoughts. As I did some soul searching, one word kept coming to mind. FULL!

My life is just very full! Good or bad, it's full none the less! My heart, my mind, my schedule, my arms, my home, my mouth, my life...they are all FULL! 

When I have a bad day, I don't always stop to think about how full I am...I'm so thankful to be this blessed!

My heart...I have a family and friends that fill my heart with so much love! There is always someone who is there to make me smile, love, or laugh!

My mind...I have to say this can be good and bad depending on the moment (yes it is that easily changed by a minute)! But I have so many wonderful things going on in life right now, and I am constantly experiencing new thoughts, dreams, and ideas.

My schedule...I am NEVER bored! When I have down time, it's so odd that I don't really know what to do with myself and when I figure it out, its over. Thinking about the previous statement is awesome though!? I am an Army wife, which means at any given time I can and will be on my own with the kids. I have to be on top of things so nothing fails in my husband's absence. I have healthy and happy children who are involved in their school, friends and activities. I have a family and friends to visit with every chance I get! I have my business and all that is required of my to be successful! Not to mention my writing and recently my tips for

My Arms...My husband and children fill my arms quite often. There is nothing I love more than spending quality snuggling and hugging time with the kids! Then they're also full with groceries for 7 and life with a toddler, toys, snacks, sippy cups and diapers! Papers to be filled out, business supplies that have been ordered. The possibilities are endless!

My home...between family and friends there is always room for MORE! On any given day there can be 10 or more kids here and I love it! Plus a few  I always welcome family and friends to visit and love the company of other adults when I have the opportunity.

My mouth...I am so thankful that I am free to speak my mind both through my mouth and mind into print. I have found my voice to speak up against child abuse. I have found an outlet to help other busy mothers!

My is full of so many awesome things. These thoughts and feeling I've shared are all what remind me of how blessed I am.

So, alas, I am FULL and I am blessed! I am now back and picking up again to go full throttle!

Thanks to you all who help fulfill me!