Sunday, January 15, 2012

I too!

I was catching up on one of my fav blogs, Life is but a Stage: I Am and I came across this fun post called I AM...
So Heather, yes, another Heather...(how could we not be buds!?) I AM...going to do this one too!

I AM...

I AM... on day FOUR of a Migraine. Meds aren't helping, so I'm just waiting impatiently for it to go away! I think I may throw a party when I'm pain free!

I WANT... something sweet to eat, but it's too late, and it's January so I'm trying to get back my "beach bod" BEFORE beach season! (Haha, my beach bod!! Made myself laugh!)

I HAVE... been blessed in SO many ways, I shouldn't complain nearly as much as do!? :)

I KEEP... way too much that I think has sentimental value, but I know one day I'll regret it! Example: All the "firsts" cards for the baby. I don't know if he will appreciate having five "Happy 1st Halloween"!

I WISH... there were more hours in the day for things I enjoy but don't get to do very often!

I HATE...  feeling anxiety...It can cause me to procrastinate, which I also HATE!

I FEAR... my husband's deployments, which are situations in which I have no control over many aspects, like how often I will hear his voice or how many times he has to endure and pray through bombings, shootings, etc.

I HEAR... My step-daughter and her friend (who is like another daughter to me) laughing and singing! Makes me smile!

I DON'T THINK... before I speak sometimes. I am working on this one though and it's getting better!

I REGRET... not being able to spend as much quality time with my 92 yr old grandmother as I used to. She has taught me SO much in my lifetime!
I LOVE... my hardworking and super supportive husband! I don't tell him that as much as I should, but I'm pretty sure he knows how much I adore him and what he does for our family!

I AM NOT... graceful! I can trip over a flat surface if I'm not careful! There are days that the most common word out of my mouth is OUCH! 

I DANCE... EVERY day with at least one of the kids! LOVE IT!


I NEVER... thought I'd be a stay at home mom to FIVE! (LOL, see previous Brady Bunch references...)

I RARELY... get enough sleep! I usually do a lot of my work and writing when the kids go to bed, which means I go to bed late and get up early! (I'm writing this after midnight!)

I CRY WHEN... I'm sad, frustrated, mad, or watch a sad movie...ok, I'm a sap of sorts, and let me say, I hate crying!

I'M NOT ALWAYS... on time...But, I do try, because I hate waiting for others! Prior to children I was one of those people who were always early. Now that I'm thinking about it, I think I need to work on this a bit more! (If you're reading this, and waiting on something from me, this is an official apology!)

I HATE THAT... I STILL have a migraine! It makes me feel frustrated easily!

I AM CONFUSED ABOUT... probably too many things to name or admit...but I am definitely confused about why people are so closed minded! They miss out on so much living life this way!

I NEED... a vacation with my husband! Just the two of us! 

I SHOULD... go to bed! But my hubby just finished working on the new floor in our bedroom (DIY project we're working on), so I want to spend some time with him before bedtime!

So there you have it...this was quite fun! Thanks for sharing, Heather, glad I could "play along"!  If you blog, and you're game, give it a try! Thanks for taking the time to read all this! 

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