Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Introductions...past due!

As I'm getting along in sharing...I realized recently that I haven't really introduced US to YOU! While some of you know the gang, others don't. we go!

Guess I'll start in the beginning...with my husband, best friend and biggest fan! Paul and I met, we became friends, fell in love...the rest is history!

My hubby him SO much! He's one of my heroes!

             probably already knew that though...

My best friend and I...


Our Family at "Love Rock"

Nicolas' Angels! :-)) (Natalie, Mandy,Nicolas, Me, Sam)

 Sam and Nic at play

 Brandyn and I


 Daddy, Mommy and Nicolas at his 1st Bday


 Brandyn in a Black Hawk

Nicolas in Daddy's Black Hawk 

Sam and Nic watching the snow in October! (One of my fav pics)