Friday, January 13, 2012

Little Star...Mommy's heart

Today, after lunch, my little guy and I were building with blocks and playing with cars. After I took a phone call, I laid down on the couch. He was still busy playing for a few minutes. I was laying there watching him as I love having the chance to do! When he realized I wasn't on the phone, he stopped and came over to where I was laying. He stood in front of me, rubbed my forehead and hair and started singing/humming to me.

My heart melted...yep...just when I think I can't love them more...they go and do something like that!!

We have a ritual of 3 songs we now sing (he hums along) everyday and at bedtime. The first is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, then You are my Sunshine and we finish with a little song I made up just for him! Whenever he is tired, sad, gets a boo boo, we sing our songs. It typically calms him almost instantly. For him to come over and thing to rub my head and sing to me is a priceless gift I'll NEVER forget!
Early on in his life, I realized that I sang to him more than I talked to him when we were home alone during the day. Now I realize how awesome that was, even though I didn't realize it at first!
When he was an infant (birth to four months) he abhorred being in the car. It wasn't his car seat, because he was fine in there anywhere BUT in the vehicle. When I say abhorred, I mean he screamed, not cried hard screaming. NO, it was someone is killing me with a butcher knife and if I scream loud enough my Mommy will save my life, but she can't seem to hear me SCREAMING! So, there was one CD I have of locals moms singing kid songs that would calm him. My hometown is about two hours away, and the two of us were 20 minutes (listening to CD over and over unless he was napping) from our destination when he lost it! It took 10 minutes of trial and error to realize that the only thing that helped was me reaching back, rubbing his head and singing to him. I did this for the final 10 minutes of the ride.

My baby told me he loved me today with absolutely no words!

I love sharing stories of the kids that warm my heart. Many of you are also parents and probably have similar stories to share or that you've experienced. I like to share them still, as a reminder of what some don't always remember to appreciate because life gets SO busy!

Thanks for reading! :-)