Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I've been re-invented! I love the NEW and Improved ME! It wasn't overnight, but I didn't see it all right away. When I realized it and actually took a look at ME, it shocked me. But in a VERY good way!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized you didn't recognize yourself?

Before I had five kids, I was my top priority. (Or at least I ranked myself up there with God, family and friends.)
I did what I needed pretty much when I needed to do it. I NEVER left the house without doing my hair and/or make-up.

I felt as though my career was very much my purpose in life! I climbed up the corporate ladder and did all the things I needed to do to ensure my success. I had a professional edge and LOVED feeling successful in that area of working "for the man"

I cleaned my house once a week, because it was only me and my Chihuahua to make a mess. I also got to work out for as long as I needed or wanted to on ANY given day! I even allowed myself to sleep in on the weekends when I felt the need!

Now that I have children, I do things I NEVER would have imagined. I have re-invented my beauty routine to be at most, minimalist. With that change, I still feel good about myself even beautiful some days!
I started my own business last year, in addition to having a family of seven to oversee and take care of! The successes I have on a daily basis are much less celebrated, but SO much more meaningful!

I have to clean every day and my nails all broke. I work out when there is time and I'm not too tired. Sleeping in is a luxury and I get to maybe once a month when I can convince the hubby to get up with the kids. But that's ok, because I realize when I have slept in, I miss a key part of the day! I will rest more when the kids are all successfully raised!

My life has changed very dramatically that I don't recognize that old me! Sometimes I still miss her but most of the time I LOVE the new me! I have been re-invented! I may not use all the expensive beauty products because they aren't as important to me, and I may not be recognized at corporate meetings anymore. I don't get much sick or vacation time these days. But I realize when I am able to get away from the family for "ME" time, I miss them quickly and am always excited to get back home!

The important thing to me, is that I never put ME on the back burner! I just have changed my view on what is truly important to me and what I value most! I am more successful than I ever dreamed I would be!