Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snow Days...hate to love em

Living in the northeast my whole life I am quite used to snowy winters! I have been snowed in many times during "state of emergencies" and have shoveled more snow than any person truly ever should!

I hate to love snow. I love watching the snow fall, and watching the ice crystals glisten in the bright sun! There is nothing more magical than a white Christmas. I love snowy mornings, playing, sledding, snow angels, snowmen, are all things I love and don't think I could live without!

Shoveling...the one winter activity I would not miss if I never had to do it again! Yuk! Hate it! Lol, guess you get the point. Last winter our snow blower was out of order, so we had to do everything by hand. I think it snowed every week for quite a while, my back was screaming for Spring!

When we got a decent amount of snow in late October (the week before Halloween), I thought for sure it was going to be a crazy winter. Everyone was saying we would have a "snowy" winter. Since then, NOTHING!

I keep seeing pictures and hearing stories of people getting snow, even the crazy amounts up north, but here, we are having warmer than normal temps. Something tells me I brought this on myself by ok'ing the purchase of a brand new snow blower in December. I made the statement to my husband, who was excited like a kid in a candy store, that if we spent the money we wouldn't get much snow. The 50 lb. bag of ice melt and the snow blower are still waiting. So am I!

Now that I'm posting this, I wonder how long I'll have to wait to complain about all the snow we get!?

I'll keep ya posted :-)