Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thanksgiving in January

I was invited to participate in a Twitter trend naming what I'm thankful for each day of the year. I jumped on it right away as I discussed what a great frame of mind it would be to start each day with. As difficult as some days seem in our home, I am truly lucky and have SO much to be thankful for, I'm sure I could name almost A - Z of reasons or people. 

As I thought about this throughout the day, between calls and visits, I realized that I am sometimes quick to complain about something or another, maybe I just like having something to talk about, lol. Here in Pennsylvania, I can usually depend on the weather as a great topic of complaint. ( I guess I should add here that it's great and quite impressive that I have to rely on the weather as my back up complaint source.) I don't believe I am negative though, because I am aware of my reality and feel I'm typically happy and smiling. 

I admit that we had a bad night before during and after counseling today, but even with all of those events, not worth more than a mention here, I have spent more time today thinking about being thankful than anything else. It struck me then that I needed to share some of these things, that maybe I'm not the only one who needs Thanksgiving in January.

Every year in November, one of our family traditions on Thanksgiving Day is to go around the table and say what we are thankful for. It's one of my favorite times with my husband and the kids, because sometimes we surprise each other with the answers. Two years ago, when we celebrated Thanksgiving, my husband and I were both thankful that we were together for the holidays. He was deployed the previous year and the holidays are close to impossible when your heart is around the world! When I think of that year, I realize I wasn't just thankful for him being home that day. I am thankful for his presence EVERY day that he is with us. I know it's only a matter of time until he will leave again. But do I tell him that? Not as often as I probably should! 

Rest assured, I am not going to bore any of you with my list, I’m sure you'll see that throughout the year if you follow me on Twitter, instead, I want to pose the question, WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR? 

Is it people, relationships, material things? Do those in your life that you couldn't live without know how thankful you are for them? Do you show it all year or just on the special days of the year? Do you make it a point to make others aware of how you feel about them routinely? Only God knows what our tomorrows hold, make the most of each day and each interaction! And if you haven't learned this by now, NEVER assume your loved ones know how important they are to you!