Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unplugged on Main Street

I have had quite a hectic year so far. And yes, I do realize it's not even 15 days in...but anyway. There have been so many phone calls and appointments, etc. When I have times like this, I find it is ESSENTIAL to my mental health to "unplug" for a bit! Sadly, knowing this I still find that I have to plan ahead to get said time "away".

What do you do to unplug, or go offline? This is one of my biggest struggles. While our home is large, there are so many people around that it's hard to find an uninterrupted space and time. I live in a small town and the most interesting place I can go would be Walmart or the Library (which is only open one evening a week until 8pm). Anywhere else I desire requires an hour drive. So, what to do, if I schedule me time, I end up not feeling like it! I have, at times, resorted to just taking a nap. But while that is physically rejuvenating, it doesn't do much for my frame of mind.

Before I moved here, I had lots of girls nights, or could go shopping to invigorate my senses (not to mention the retail therapy). I could go to a book store to browse or read a magazine with some bookstore brew...

I've seriously thought about how lucrative it would be to open a Star Bucks here in our town, but if I open it, I wouldn't be able to go there to relax. LOL, that would defeat the purpose. So the question still remains, what should I do with myself? This is a stressful situation, trying to de-stress.

My amazingly understanding husband once handed me cash and told me to schedule some time at the salon. Took me a while to find a local place to have "the works" done. I scheduled a cut and color in addition to a 1 hour deep tissue massage with reflexology. I didn't like the color (didn't look any different than before) and that was after she died it a few times. And the massage was about as good as someone who tried but couldn't. Four hours later, I ended up with fried hair, split ends and couldn't tell I'd had a massage. Needless to say I haven't returned.

I live in a beautiful town. Lots of nature to be taken in, and look forward to walks or hikes up the mountains with the family. Now that the weather is cold, I have been resorting to home spa treatments, reading fiction and working out in my living room when no one is around. (With 3 teen girls, I work out WITH them quite often, so this is a different type of ME workout.) I am also starting to view non-work phone conversations as me time! It may not be the ideal unplugged time I see in my head when I write in my calendar, but it's still all about me!

 One positive aspect I'd like to highlight is that I DO schedule and take the time I need to unwind! Whether you use an electronic or paper planner (yup, I tend to use both) put it in there! If you use something for the entire family, make sure everyone knows you're busy and off-limits!

If you're anything like me, you put yourself at the bottom of the list quite often. This can be OK as long as it isn't ALL the time! If you aren't mentally fit, you can't operate at 110%! So even if, like me, you have to give yourself a pedicure, DO IT! Make time for you! When you feel good, you are a positive influence without trying!

I'd love feedback from others on ideas or what you do to unplug.

Thanks :-)