Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ventures and Gains!

Exciting news to share...

So far this month I have started two new and exciting ventures in my life! I'm VERY excited about them both and ready to share them both with all of you!

Child Help Wings Ambassador
I have become part of a GREAT Organization that is battling Child Abuse! As an Ambassador of Hope for Child Help, I'll be taking the lead in my area to promote their message, organize events as needed, raise funds and help spread awareness of abused children and how everyone can help in small ways!
I will be sharing more in the coming days and weeks I will be doing to help this great organization and the children!

If you know or think you know someone who needs HELP, please call 1-800- 4-A-CHILD you have the option to remain anonymous. This short call could literally save a child's life! Don't wait or assume someone else will speak up!

30 Second Mom Featured Contributor
I am also THRILLED to announce that as of last week I am now a Featured Contributor for If you're not familiar, the website is for every busy woman or mother! It's for women on the move who want to stay "in the know"!

I met Elisa, the 30 Second Mom founder, and some of the other ladies while participating in their Twitter Chats, I became a fan right away! I am honored to be join these wonderful women as a contributor and have been so warmly welcomed by all of them! The tips that are shared are quick to read and easy to implement from the following popular topics:
- Kids
- Food
- Health
- Money
- Home
- Travel
- Beauty
- Relationships
- Activities

Please take a look at the site and join in for a Twitter chat, typically held on Wednesdays, you won't be disappointed! You can find my contributor page here
I'd love your feedback, comments and would be honored if you'll visit the site and share your favorite tips that you see! You can even share your own!