Friday, January 6, 2012


The first full week of 2012 is off to a crazy, yet good start!

January is already filled as far as the calendar goes and I'm looking toward February to be a strong month. Heck, we even get an extra day!
I have found myself leaning toward the 2011 way of doing things a few times, but I am aware and that is a great start! As I/we make these changes, I get very excited as to what I'll be writing a year from now! 

Late last year, I had a true realization of my WHY! And that is one of the reasons I started this blog. I want to help others in every way I can as they face the trials and tribulations of daily life!

I hope to post more personal things about our daily life, it felt good getting some things out of my head and heart as if they were secrets! I hope that as I share some of these things that they will resonate with others, and help them to tell their own stories! I don't however want anyone to read these things and feel bad for us. Life has it's challenges for everyone. As I share, my aim is to empower others to have the courage to take a stand and to find their "WHY"! 

What is your why? What makes you tick? What is that one thing that really gets you motivated? That is your why! When you can realize your why and in turn let it truly motivate you, it will become apparent how important it is! 

Yours could be big or small at the moment and you can have one, a few or many. Your why could be buying a new car or home, sending your children to college, financial freedom, special education for those with disabilities, rising against bullying, retiring or fighting child abuse. I could go on and on! However, I would like you to continue reading so I'll stop there, lol!

I encourage you to find YOUR why! Use that motivation to achieve your dreams! It is worth the soul searching and time you'll spend! And I'd be happy to help you!