Thursday, February 16, 2012

Courage and GUTS!

I've got the GUTS to live COURAGEOUSLY!

My GOOD friend Tim, also a blogger, recently invited me to be a guest on his Beam (blog). In conversation of what topic he wanted me to focus on, he chose COURAGE. My initial internal response was simply "WOW!"

Excuse me as I digress a moment; As a military wife, my priorities sometimes take a back seat to the "call of duty" (no not the game...but yes that's quite fun!) Last week was one of those times, as we returned from a family memorial, Paul began working 8 days straight preparing for a Command Inspection.
So mid-way through an exhausting 24/7 type of week, I agreed to the topic and let Tim know how crazy things were personally, and that I didn't know when I would deliver. As I mulled the topic over in my head, I thought it might take me a while to come up with good content for the topic at hand, which I'd NEVER considered writing about before. I admit I was a bit nervous, wanting to deliver a top quality post!

I FINALLY sat down with my laptop to start writing this past Sunday evening, the words seemed to spill from my heart in no time!  I think that we had a final draft complete within 36 hours of when I began writing! I was amazed and personally empowered! Tim saw in me a word, and quality that hadn't occurred to me! HUGE thanks to a special friend and inspiration for not only the opportunity but for an avenue of self-discovery!! 

Please take a look at Tim's Beam and my guest post on Courage!

“When you live life with honesty & courage nothing is out of reach.” Heather Travitz

You can find Tim's BEAM called Guts IS the Key HERE! Please stop by, I know he will inspire you as he has ME!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day to Love!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Just a quick post today to celebrate this day of love and romance! ;-)

Ahhhh...where would we be without LOVE?! 

Not just romantic love, but love in general. We love our significant other, our children, our parents, siblings, friends, you get the idea where I'm going with this list and rather than go on, you can fill in your own blanks as needed here. Back to my question, where would we be without love?! 
I've been writing recently on find our WHY's in life, and I think that quite possibly one of everyone's biggest why's in one way or another is to do with our relations of love. (See list above, lol!) We want our family to be comfortable, or financial freedom for our spouse, or you want your wife to stay home with your children. Again, I could go on and on! 
So on this day that is commercially ALL about love and hearts. I just wanted to say that these amazing relationships are SO important EVERY day of the year! NO relationship is easy or will survive without work and attention. Rely on your heart to lead the way to not only enrich your life, but the lives of those you love as well! 

Live each day to it's fullest! And don't forget to show your love EVERY day! Be free to love and be loved, wear your heart on your sleeve here and there! Now, stop reading and go LOVE someone!! 

Love and HUGS!

Monday, February 13, 2012

WHY!? (Series pt. 2)

Here we go again...I am still learning and making tweaks to mine...but, have you thought about your WHY? Do you know what it is? Are you still searching your mind and soul? Have you thought about yet? Stick with me on this one! The results are worth the time taken!

You may be staring you WHY right in the face and it just isn't apparent yet. You might only know part of the big picture at the present time. You're making progress...keep going!

If you think you're on to it, but are just not sure, use the Onion effect! Peel back the layers until you KNOW. (And you WILL know when you find it!)
Onion Effect (in a nutshell):
1. Ask yourself what motivates you to do what you are doing in life?
2. Ask yourself, why this motivates you...
3. Repeat as many times as needed and when you have the answer that creates a burning desire, you have your WHY!
4. Just as when peeling and cutting an onion, you very well may be brought to tears upon learning your true motivation!
5. USE IT to SOAR!

The first why I ever realized was being able to help pay for Christmas without taking money from our main income source or credit cards! I did it! I hope to do it again and maybe even go bigger by paying for the whole thing! My Thirty-One business has given me the vehicle to find my dreams of success and to make them come true! This transformation by NO means just financially empowering, but also personally! I have learned and grown so much as a business owner!

One of my WHY's is to raise awareness and help put an end to child abuse. I feel an intense desire to help so that NO child ever faces a fear of someone, as I have and am again with my step-son. Due to the freshness of the situation with my stepson, I have chosen not to make the details public of what he has been through. But part of my WHY is to help him come to peace and rise against violence and abuse. He is a courageous young man who is facing his fears and becoming stronger each day! I know he will overcome!

Once you find your why, your burning desire that motivates you like NOTHING else ever, in an unbelievable way, use that motivation to achieve the dream and goal that is part of your heart and soul! And when that is crossed off your list and something even bigger replaces it, you know you can do it! You can and WILL!

A friend of mine told me that her why's continue to evolve and right now, one of her's is to bring in a bigger monthly income than her husband. Keep in mind she is a stay at home mom who owns her own business as I do. I was in between my why's and working toward paying for Christmas at the time. While I understood how amazing that would be, it still wasn't what I was looking for at the time. It really hit me how amazing it can feel to be motivated with such passion! This conversation was prior to my discovery and now I totally get it!

What I'm trying to say is we are each motivated by different things, BUT that feeling we all get from our true motivators is the same! There is NO greater feeling than finding and sharing your motivation with others. When they have also learned and found theirs, you can motivate each other! My wish for everyone who reads this is that they feel the amazing desire to WANT success!

Live your dreams! Don't let anything hold you back! Be bold and courageous to live YOUR best life possible!

Love and Hugs!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Social Style...Q&A

Just a quick post today, I wanted to share an interview I did about My Social Style.

I had the pleasure of working with Monique Neeley during the interview process. She is not only a great inspiration, but also a fellow Military wife and 30Second Mom!  Please take a few minutes to read and share...
And I'd love to know what your "Social Style" is!

Thanks to all for support of my Life as I Love it!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gram's Love

I consider myself one of the lucky one's in life having been able to learn from and be loved by my amazing Grandmother throughout my whole life and to this day!
My maternal Grandmother is one of my inspirations in strength, courage, love, understanding and has helped me become a decent Army wife!

Throughout my life, Gram (as many affectionately call her) has been there for me through thick and thin for as long as I can remember! I could write volumes on all the things she's taught me, but one thing that really sticks out is honesty!
There are many manifestations of this teaching but the one I love the most is what I call "brutal honesty"...
When I'd try on new clothes or show her a hairstyle I wanted she would either love it or hate it and let me tell you, she would ALWAYS tell me the truth! When I was young, I admit it sometimes hurt my feelings. But as I got older and now that I am an adult, she is always one of the first opinions I seek! I know that no matter what, she will be honest with me and won't say what she thinks I want to hear!

She has always been an honest giver as well. What I mean by this, is that she would give her last penny or stitch of clothing to someone who needed it more than she does. Throughout my life if I needed something I knew I could always go to her!
One of my favorite, treasured gifts she's given me is her knowledge and love! She has so many stories and experiences from her 90+ years, there really isn't much that she hasn't experienced. She lives her life with Love and honesty. She taught me how to give of myself and also how to save money from a very young age.
When I was in the single digits my grandparents would take my cousin and I shopping each Friday night. We got our allowance to spend if we chose, she would always tell me that if I didn't spend it this time, I may see something nicer next time. But as a reminder, she told me that even if I brought a nickel home, it was a nickel saved for another day. I'm 33 years old now, and I still remember this lesson and try to use this advice during times of "retail therapy"!

When Paul was deployed in 2009, one of my favorite ways to spend time was visiting with Gram! She too was an Army wife, but during WWII. Hearing her stories of my mother being 14 months old before she met my grandfather in person or the weeks and months without letters. It made me thankful for Skype and email. I realized how easy it is now to communicate across the world! I think only fellow "milspouses" can comprehend what it's like to have a spouse deployed for a year at a time. While you have your support system, you can still feel VERY alone in a room filled with people! She understood this so well and we had our comfortable silences when she knew how I was feeling.

I know that after so many years (92 in this case), we slow down and our body's wear thin. But I can't help but thank God that my Grandmother is still with me! She is one of my biggest fans, honest critics and always in my corner cheering me on! I'm thankful that her mind is clear and she is frustrating at times because she knows what she does and doesn't want, even if we, her family, feel differently! She is feisty and funny and I cherish EVERY moment I get to spend with her!

I love you GRAM!