Thursday, February 16, 2012

Courage and GUTS!

I've got the GUTS to live COURAGEOUSLY!

My GOOD friend Tim, also a blogger, recently invited me to be a guest on his Beam (blog). In conversation of what topic he wanted me to focus on, he chose COURAGE. My initial internal response was simply "WOW!"

Excuse me as I digress a moment; As a military wife, my priorities sometimes take a back seat to the "call of duty" (no not the game...but yes that's quite fun!) Last week was one of those times, as we returned from a family memorial, Paul began working 8 days straight preparing for a Command Inspection.
So mid-way through an exhausting 24/7 type of week, I agreed to the topic and let Tim know how crazy things were personally, and that I didn't know when I would deliver. As I mulled the topic over in my head, I thought it might take me a while to come up with good content for the topic at hand, which I'd NEVER considered writing about before. I admit I was a bit nervous, wanting to deliver a top quality post!

I FINALLY sat down with my laptop to start writing this past Sunday evening, the words seemed to spill from my heart in no time!  I think that we had a final draft complete within 36 hours of when I began writing! I was amazed and personally empowered! Tim saw in me a word, and quality that hadn't occurred to me! HUGE thanks to a special friend and inspiration for not only the opportunity but for an avenue of self-discovery!! 

Please take a look at Tim's Beam and my guest post on Courage!

“When you live life with honesty & courage nothing is out of reach.” Heather Travitz

You can find Tim's BEAM called Guts IS the Key HERE! Please stop by, I know he will inspire you as he has ME!