Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something Special...

Today I read a story that touched my heart deeply. It was written by a good friend of mine about another long-time friend, who happens to be her husband! The story is a glimpse of just how special love and commitment are!

To give a bit of history, it seems like a lifetime ago that I met Doug, when we worked together in Telecommunications. We have kept in touch off an on over the years since both leaving the company. Doug is a fun-loving and kind man, we've seen each other at some low times and recently reconnected on Facebook, while we both are experiencing some good times. In the space of time we were not in contact we both got married and I eventually met his wonderful wife, Melania!
Melania, I don't know where to begin! I'll just say that in talking and sharing I made an instant friend who is the picture of beauty, courage and strength! She has become a source of encouragement and strength to me over the weeks and months since we met. Doug and Melania are both very special people and they share a special love that inspires many! I feel quite honored to call them friends!
The story behind this post was written on Melania's photography blog. I felt compelled through a few tears to ask if I could share this with all of you! She lovingly agreed.
Please take a moment to read this story of love, honor, support and courage! While you're on her page, say hello to Melania and check out her beautiful photography! You can also follow her Tweets @Melaniamphotog! I know you will love Melania as I do!

Love and big HUGS!
Heather :)