Sunday, June 3, 2012

Purpose (WHY series part 3)

I have been doing quite a bit of personal development and leadership training in the last year, which has had an amazing impact on my personal and business life and relationships!! My learning and training actually lead and introduced me to the Mental Fitness Challenge I am taking part in! It was explained to me as P90X for my brain. As soon as I heard that, I was "in"! We all, quite often, need a "check up from the neck up"!
As I began the 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge, one of my first tasks was to identify my God-given PURPOSE in life. I began the reading and audio that goes along with the challenge I really began searching deeply into my life, heart and soul to hone in on this AMAZING feeling I've had inside me since the very early this year.

In addition to my own personal growth plan and learning, I have also been working closely with amazing coaches and mentors to hone the skills I most want to use in both my personal and professional endeavors. As I am growing and defining my purpose I realized and have taken actions to not only become a coach/mentor myself, but I now have the ability to help others become their "best selves" both on the inside and out! I am helping others live the life they've always wanted!

I'll quickly digress and try to describe this ALMOST indescribable feeling I mentioned earlier. My heart has felt full close to bursting with an underlying feeling of needing to share myself and serve others in a way that I had not quite put into words or actions. I knew that I have a wide range of gifts to share, but that I was not sharing my full potential each and every day!
As some of you know, my good friend and business mentor, Nicole came to visit me in early May. We shared an amazing week together. We had a lot of plans the day she got here, and for one reason or another most of the plans ended up changing! We took each day as it came and had an amazing time! I learned SO much in that one week about my own LIMITLESS potential.
I remember a specific moment when we were sitting in a grocery store parking lot and I shared how much excitement I have inside me that I felt close to bursting with the energy of identifying my purpose! She was easily able to relate to what I was describing and said she has experienced quite similar feelings as she began her success journey five or so years ago!

Alright, at this point I have to ASK, and I encourage you to ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly even if only to yourself for now:

Have you ever felt this way?
Do you love what you do every day?
Have you identified your true purpose in life?
Are you living the life you've always wanted? 
Will you be struggling with the same issues and problems in 5 years?
Do you need to make changes in your life that may change the course of where you will be in 5 years?

Now that I have shared my identified purpose I would also like to share just a bit of my personal "why":
As I grow both personally, publicly and in my business, I am solidifying my and my family's FUTURE! I am ensuring that our children are being raised know right from wrong and how to make smart life choices! That in times of prosperity and struggle they will always rely on their faith journey to guide their actions. They are my LEGACY! My life, my dreams and my purpose are in alignment to make sure that the "dash" between my birthdate and my death date is a heart warming story that will be shared for many generations!
I do not want my husband to HAVE to deploy again before his retirement in two years! He has spent the last 18 years defending our FREEDOM both at home and abroad. I am proud of his service am anxious for him to live and enjoy some of the Freedoms he wasn't able to while serving! I want my husband to be able to share in the true happiness that I do! I can't wait until he is able to go on field trips with the kids and we are able to make BOTH our schedules around their activities and our family life!

 I hope that having this glimpse that I may inspire you to put YOUR why into writing!

My success and purpose are not only things I truly LOVE, but they also ensure that our current and future financial security is taken care of!
I have been blessed with opportunities this year that have solidified my "WHAT" to allow me to truly focus on my WHY! I know that the future is bright and that I am on the path that God has set before me! I have identified my purpose and know what living the life I always wanted entails! (I'll share those details in a future post!)

What is stopping YOU??

Love & Hugs!