Thursday, July 26, 2012

Believe IT... I dare you!

As I continue my goals of both institutional and self-directed education, I have come across yet another topic I knew I needed to study and master in order to be at my best personally and professionally! That topic is none other than BELIEF!

My latest encounter with this theme was being asked by a personal mentor about a specific chapter of a very well known book. I was asked to read/re-read the chapter and share it's impact on me both personally and in relation to my business. At first thought, this was such an easy task and I would be able to respond in no time! Wow, was I wrong!! For the last week I have been preoccupied by numerous thoughts and ideas that have come from the topic. I have written pages of notes and decided to share some of these thoughts with my readers!

Belief and dis-belief are two keys to the direction all things in life go! Literally, almost like the north and south on a compass. When you "believe you can", you will! When you "aren't sure, but will give it a try" you probably won't! This positive thought process will condition our mind to attain the goals we set for ourselves because we believe we CAN attain them! In other words, when we have a strong belief, we will challenge ourselves to attain bigger and greater things in life!

To truly get through the struggles we face in life, we MUST continually renew our faith and belief that we WILL overcome! Without this belief, our struggles will seem like climbing mountains, while with strong belief in self and purpose those mountains will be easily overcome hills in life's path!

Are you climbing mountains or hills?

So my final thoughts on what I learned from studying that chapter was as follows:
When we harness the true power of belief, only then will we become the positive product of our thoughts and beliefs! Turning negativity into positive energy on a daily basis will improve state of mind in all areas of life! When we erase negative thinking we open our sub-conscious to welcome self-confidence and abundant success! Our struggles in life will no longer be based in mediocrity but instead, GREATNESS!

When belief is at it's strongest, the sky is the limit! We then are our most confident, effective and successful selves! Make it a habit of believing in yourself and ALL of your abilities! Be thankful for both ease and struggles that life brings your way! We must strive constantly to learn life's valuable lessons throughout the good and bad!

Belief statements are very important to me personally. They keep me on track every day and keep me grounded within my daily journey to live a life of Purpose! Here are some general belief statements I use or have made more personal in my own life! Write them down, read them to yourself! These statement are most effective when you internalize and verbalize them each day!

I am equal to the best!
I believe in myself and my abilities!
I take the needed steps EVERY day to grow myself and my business!
I do not sell myself short!
I am successful all that I do!
I ALWAYS do everything I need to do, when I need to do it!
I have a good memory!
I am proud of ME!
I am a wonderful wife and mother!
I am prepared, confident and self assured in all that I do!
I have great willpower and do not settle for good when great is the other option!

Dream BIG! Plan BIG! Think BIG! Believe BIG!

I am constantly amazed at my own growth from the self-study and personal development path I'm taking! I am truly excited to share this with all of you and hope you will begin or continue your path to Living this Life as YOU Love it! Try using the tips above with belief statements, not for a day or two, but make the commitment to yourself and your future to make this a way of life! You too will be amazed at the changes you see in yourself and how quickly those around you will notice as well!

Love and HUGS!