Monday, November 26, 2012

A Generous Offer You Should NOT Ignore!

Don't Overlook this Gift that could Last a Lifetime!

I previously posted about the Complete Child Development Program my family is using, well I was just informed yesterday that they are discounting the program for the Holiday Season (while supplies last)!

I absolutely couldn't resist sharing this with all of you because of the amazing results we are experiencing as a family!  The two best things in my opinion are how affordable the program is and that no matter what, you have a 30 day money back guarantee!  There's absolutely no risk!!

So without further delay, here's the scoop!

With CCD Program 1.1, your children will learn the necessary skills needed to create the future that you have always dreamed of for them; a future of unlimited possibilities and complete happiness.

With the tools to practice goal visualizationbuilding confidence and understanding their environment, your children will realize what you have known all along, that they are amazing and have the power to accomplish anything they put their mind to!

When you purchase CCD Program 1.1 you will receive:
·        Two tastefully designed DVD cases containing 2 discs each.
·        3 DVD’s featuring Goals, Confidence & Environment.
·        1 CD with downloadable PDF’s with Parent & Children’s user manuals.
·        Instant online access with an additional FREE 6 a month program membership.
·        If for any reason you are not satisfied, we offer a FULL 30 Day 100% money back guarantee! 

We understand that making the program affordable is important for everyone in today’s economy!
~ Regular Price 

*  Special Holiday Special Promotion of only $67.00  (plus shipping & handling) While supplies last!
*  Cyber Week Gift Special: BUY 4 Copies or MORE and GET AND ADDITIONAL 25% OFF YOUR TOTAL ORDER!
*  30 Day No RISK Money Back Guarantee!
*  ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS OFFER! 6 Months Instant Online Access to CCD Program 1.1 (limit 1 online program per customer)

If you truly want the results for your child that we believe this program will provide.  please do not wait another minute to get your RISK FREE copy of CCD Program 1.1 now! Click here>> 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exciting News!

Do you ever wish you knew THEN what you know NOW?

In the last year I have been on an extensive Personal Development journey to grow myself inside.  I have learned so much and blessed in many ways with the information that has been given or recommended by peers and mentors.

I found myself numerous times thinking, I wish I had known these things when I was a teenager.  Well, now I have an opportunity to teach our children these exact lessons! I am beyond ecstatic with excitement over their willingness to participate and the feedback they are giving me as a result!

Drum roll please...

I have accepted an incredible invitation from Dr. Sue Cornbluth to review Complete Child Development Program with a few of our children. After doing some research on the program and beginning the first few sessions, I am so excited by what I am seeing already!

After just a few sessions, Brandyn talked with me in the car for almost an hour about his dreams and goals.  The awesome part was that he actually had thought deeply about them and has a mental picture of what his future will include! 

Two of the girls are also going through the CCD Program with me and giving me great feedback.  They are at the top of the age range, however they have taken it very seriously and put thought into the exercises within the program.

Dr. Sue Cornbluth, clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Temple University, has been named the national spokesperson for CCD Program 1.1. With a background in marriage and family therapy, and a specialization in child exploitation, foster care and parenting, Cornbluth has seen the positive results that CCD Program 1.1 can have on children. Says Dr. Cornbluth, “I have worked with thousands of children, including some of the most vulnerable, and I have helped lead them to success. All children deserve to have abundant lives filled with confidence and a strong sense of self. CCD Program 1.1 is an important tool that can help children feel empowered to be confident and successful in their lives.”

I will be sharing more on the Complete Child Development Program in the coming weeks as I will be an affiliate with the program based on my family's success!  I look forward to your feedback as well as we go.  I am looking forward to providing such an awesome tool for the kids to increase their self esteem and outlook on today and the future!  My absolute favorite part so far is the I can do this WITH them! It's an amazing bond being built in less than an hour each day!

If you would like additional information now, please click HERE! Or ask me any questions you may have via comments or email!

As always...
Love & Hugs,
Heather :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stand up...Is IT In YOU?

Find YOUR Passion!

I made a post on Facebook earlier and wanted to share my thoughts here as well.  Here is what I said:

"I'm saddened by all the hate going on right now on social media. No matter who you voted for, it is what it is! Stop hating...both sides are doing it! The behavior I am seeing from adults on both sides make it clear why we have so many issues in this country. Stop the bullying & negativity! 
Take what you have learned & put it to positive use! Ne proactive and stand up for what you believe in lif
e not just on Facebook! That is what our country truly needs!
Our country is blessed with freedoms so many do not have! Be thankful and try loving one another and working together for the greater good!
(That is my prayer for all of you! Strength to make a change and love in your heart to be kind as you do it!)"

I feel very strongly about this subject!  Our country is filled with so much hate, distrust and bullying.  And I am only speaking right now of adults.  What are we teaching our children? 
Yes we have the freedom of speech and to pursue happiness, but is that what we are accomplishing?  I think our country's Founding Fathers would roll over in the grave by what our society is filled with today.  

I am not backing either party at this time with this post, because I see it from all sides!  One is no better than the other on this subject in my opinion.

We need to come together as a country and treat each other with respect for their thoughts and feelings.  No matter who is President, Jesus is King! In my opinion, two of the biggest themes in the Bible are Love and Forgiveness.  

I encourage all of you, instead of just posting negativity on Social Media platforms, STAND UP!  Use your voice, by all means, but do it in a positive way that will make a difference.  You have these strong feelings in you, USE them! Be proactive!  You have this power and these rights for a reason! If it isn't politics that get you heated and passionate, find what does, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! What you feel strongly about matters, YOU matter!

Love & Hugs!

P.S. Stay tuned this week for some VERY exciting news from This Life As I Love It!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Excitement of ONE! (Happy Anniversary)

Happy 1st Anniversary 30 Second Mom!

Over the last year I became part of diverse, loving group of women.  Each contributor is an expert in a multitude of topics and we all have one thing in common, we are busy mothers! I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with everyone and love the wonderful ideas and support that I've received from 30 Second Mom's!  

Elisa All, our founder and CEO, is one AMAZING Chica!  She leads this group of ladies with expertise and kindness that is hard to find!  Elisa recently opened the 30 Second Mom office at 1871!  1871 is office space located inside the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.  It's awesome to have our "home" buzzing with enormous energy. 

To celebrate our first anniversary in Chicago with many contributors, family and friends of 30 Second Mom! Speakers included Kevin Willer, President & CEO of the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center/1871.  A keynote was given by Mary Dillon, President & CEO of U.S. Cellular followed by a recap and highlight reel of our first year together.  It was truly a wonderful night for all that attended.

Guest were also given a 30 Second Mom branded tote filled with goodies from our new Approved Products Program!  Here is a sampling of what was included in each bag:
  • LUNA Chocolate-Dipped Coconut bars
  • Clif Kid Organic ZBar and ZBar Crispy Rice 
  • GoPicnic Ready-to-eat Meals: Turkey Stick & Crunch and Hummus & Crackers
  • Perseus Books sent us a variety of parenting titles
  • Chicago Parent Magazine's November Issue
  • Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water
  • E-book "Pink Lemonade"
  • Mama Maternity Co: Maternity Alert Jewelry
  • Divine Mama Bars 
  • Go Trexx Apps
  • Stork Stacks 
  • Ringya app 

There is definitely excitement in the air as we transition into our second year and beyond! Don't forget to visit 30 Second Mom to see if you can win one of the goody bags!  While you're there, take a look at the newest contributors and tips! 

Stay tuned! We are just getting started!

Love & Hugs!
Heather :)