Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exciting News!

Do you ever wish you knew THEN what you know NOW?

In the last year I have been on an extensive Personal Development journey to grow myself inside.  I have learned so much and blessed in many ways with the information that has been given or recommended by peers and mentors.

I found myself numerous times thinking, I wish I had known these things when I was a teenager.  Well, now I have an opportunity to teach our children these exact lessons! I am beyond ecstatic with excitement over their willingness to participate and the feedback they are giving me as a result!

Drum roll please...

I have accepted an incredible invitation from Dr. Sue Cornbluth to review Complete Child Development Program with a few of our children. After doing some research on the program and beginning the first few sessions, I am so excited by what I am seeing already!

After just a few sessions, Brandyn talked with me in the car for almost an hour about his dreams and goals.  The awesome part was that he actually had thought deeply about them and has a mental picture of what his future will include! 

Two of the girls are also going through the CCD Program with me and giving me great feedback.  They are at the top of the age range, however they have taken it very seriously and put thought into the exercises within the program.

Dr. Sue Cornbluth, clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Temple University, has been named the national spokesperson for CCD Program 1.1. With a background in marriage and family therapy, and a specialization in child exploitation, foster care and parenting, Cornbluth has seen the positive results that CCD Program 1.1 can have on children. Says Dr. Cornbluth, “I have worked with thousands of children, including some of the most vulnerable, and I have helped lead them to success. All children deserve to have abundant lives filled with confidence and a strong sense of self. CCD Program 1.1 is an important tool that can help children feel empowered to be confident and successful in their lives.”

I will be sharing more on the Complete Child Development Program in the coming weeks as I will be an affiliate with the program based on my family's success!  I look forward to your feedback as well as we go.  I am looking forward to providing such an awesome tool for the kids to increase their self esteem and outlook on today and the future!  My absolute favorite part so far is the I can do this WITH them! It's an amazing bond being built in less than an hour each day!

If you would like additional information now, please click HERE! Or ask me any questions you may have via comments or email!

As always...
Love & Hugs,
Heather :)