Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Simple Purple Sharpie

A Day in LIFE...

As any typical day in the life of a household of seven people and a crazy puppy might go, the four oldest kids were at school and Paul at work.  Mommy, Nic and Jasper were "holding down the fort".

Mommy was multi-tasking.  Searching for a lost piece of paperwork and cleaning the dining room. Nicolas never got quiet.  He was right around the corner watch Godzilla (the 1978 version is his current favorite).  I could here him running around doing his best Zilla impression chasing the dog.

This show is literally as old as I am.  He loves it!
Before long, I was finishing sorting the mail and Nicolas came out to show me his hands.  This is nothing abnormal, my child is ALL boy, except he hates having dirty hands.  What was abnormal, was they had a few spots of purple on them!  Where did purple come from???? 

I can do it ALL!

OH!! A purple Sharpie! I could smell it as I walked in the living room.  Wait! Where did he find a purple Sharpie?  Do we even own a purple Sharpie? What was he drawing on?  When did he stop chasing Jasper? All the questions running through my mind...then I saw it! OH...EM...GEE!!!

Yep, all over the carpet, furniture and table.  All I could see was PURPLE SHARPIE! I'm not even sure how long I wasn't breathing.  Not long enough to pass out or anything.  But I may have been as purple as the Sharpie! There was a scream building inside.  "Nicolas what did you do??" Ok, so I didn't scream, but he definitely knew I wasn't a fan of his artistic abilities!

I walked away to count to 10 at least 10 times.  When I came back in, he must have known how bad this one was, because he actually got his baby wipes and was trying to clean it off.  (Didn't help.) Actually smeared it all a bit on the carpet.

Well, of course, what does any mother do at a time like this? Yes, I took the above pictures for Facebook.  I also plan on putting them in his scrap book to laugh about in the future.  Then I got to work on breathing again and cleaning up the mess.  

Thanks to some great advice from family and friends, all's well again, and the permanent purple Sharpie is actually a thing of the past.  I have gotten it off the table and carpet, and almost completely off the upholstery.    YAY!!!
ALL Clean Now!
I had Santa send Nicolas an email that night, telling him he's on the good list but he better behave so he stays there!!  So far so good!  Yes, Santa does use email now.  If you haven't done it, it's great! One of the things Santa told Nic to do was to clean up his toys every day.  When we watched it a second time, Nicolas actually tried to tell Santa he's been cleaning up and "put away" his toys!

Looking back now, the whole incident actually reminds me of Harold and the Purple Crayon for some reason.  And yes, I am actually laughing now.  Glad it's already laughable...and definitely glad there won't be any coal in Nic's future!

See, Harold doesn't have too much hair either...very similar indeed! ;)

As always...

Love and HUGS,