Saturday, June 29, 2013

Focus T25 - What's in the Box?

I was so excited to open my new workout Focus T25.  Shaun T, the creator of Insanity, has done it again!  What an amazing fitness program!

25 minutes per day, only 5 days per week!  Who doesn't have time for that!?  If you're ready to get in the best shape of your life in just 60 days, let me know!  I am ready to help you!

Here's a peak at what I found in the box!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Why me?

Recently I was asked why I became a Beachbody Coach.  Please watch the video below for the answer.  It may surprise you. I am so excited to share this message with all of you, so please check out the link below!

I am on a journey and I want to help others realize their potential.  I have energy to burn now and I will be registering very soon for my first 5K.  Three months ago I would have laughed if someone had told me I would be writing about doing one.  This will be the first, not the last!

If you need some help putting all the pieces together to live a healthy and fit life, let me know!  You don't have to do it alone!  Just make one small decision that it's time to change and I will help you with the rest!

This is a step by step journey for many.  But having an accountability coach can make a world of difference on the days you "don't feel like it"!  Never give up, tomorrow will be easier! Your body and your family will thank you for staying committed!

Love & Hugs,

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Small Decisions with BIG Results

As my life has changed, my eating habits changed and other things began to change as well!  I knew I was ready to be fit and healthy again! When I started paying attention to everything in January, I thought of myself as being on a diet.  Being on a diet is depressing to me!  I didn't want to be on a diet.  It was then that I decided this was a lifestyle, not a diet.

It was also around this time that I realized how much pressure I put on myself to not “mess up”!  One little slip up got me upset.  But my biggest lesson learned was that I couldn't fall into an all or nothing trap.  Each day and each decision that day is important.  One little oops doesn't mean the whole day is a waste.  I knew I couldn't let my own emotions control my view of what would be my outcome.

How many times have you started a “diet” or fitness routine only to give up in week one? Too often people decide to make changes, but get discouraged and throw in the towel as soon as it gets hard or make a bad meal decision.  Each meal is an opportunity to make a different decision, a good decision at that.  Change isn't easy.  Don’t give up if you don’t do something perfectly.  Concentrate at first, on small victories.   If you do this, you will enable yourself to keep moving forward each day!

Love & Hugs,


P.S.  Stay tuned for more specific information on living healthy, eating cleaner, and increasing energy.  If you have specific questions, leave a comment below and I will answer them for you!

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