Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Public Unveiling

A few months ago I had saved up some money to get a tattoo devoted to my son Nicolas.  At the same time, I was presented with an opportunity to join a Beachbody Challenge group with a friend.  I knew I needed to take control of my life again.  (In my own situation I knew around the two year mark it's not baby fat anymore.)  I talked this over with Paul and he suggested that I go ahead with the challenge and maybe the tattoo could come later as a reward for achieving my goals.

I have had the most amazing results with my challenge and eventually decided within a month that I wanted to help others do this too!  I think most of you know this part of the story if you've read/watched my blog recently. So I will skip to last week while I was on vacation.  I had completely unplugged from the internet (besides my cell phone) and was having a wonderful time with my family and friends at the beach.  I checked my compensation for that week and saw I had my largest week EVER since becoming a coach.  I have met many of my goals and now as a coach, they are actually pay me to do what I love and am passionate about!

I got my tattoo.  And while it is dedicated to my son, Nicolas, it also marks a turning point in my business.  In the very first week of the month, my compensation not only covered my business costs, it also paid for my new tattoo! I am still ecstatic with my compensation but I am even more ecstatic that I get to help people every day of my life!  And in just a couple months I am making more with my business than my other income sources combined.  The remaining 3 weeks of my pay will go to my family and I can proudly say I am contributing and helping my husband provide for our family!

I love my new tattoo and the symbols it represents as a mother taking her responsibilities to her children to heart.  I will nurture my son from a seed until he flies away as a man!

My new tattoo on my right shoulder blade/back

Love & HUGS!